Venetian Beauty after Eugene de Blaas


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Study of Old Master Eugene de Blass – 24 July 1843 – 10 February 1932. 

Eugene de Blaas was born July 24, 1843 at Albano, near Rome, to Austrian parents. His career was enriched by a talented and artistic family. His father, Karl (1815-1894), was one of the most notable portrait painters of Roman society, a successful history, portrait and fresco painter of the late Biedermeier period.

At the beginning of 2018 I took classes from Mary Gibilisco, where I studied some of  the Old Masters works. Her website is at Check her out she has some fabulous classes in oils. Genesis Oils. These Oils do not dry until you heat set them. ( Contact me for more information.)

This painting has a little damage n it. My Kitten thought it good to play with so he slightly scratched it. For that reason I’m selling it at half price plus shipping. It is painted on Masonite which is easier to frame then canvas I think! It is thin. It is 14×18 inches and ready to go to it’s forever home. LOL










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