Almost Show Time!!!

Next Friday is the annual April Show I’m in and yes I’m excited!! But on the flip side it’s the last one. The curator is not going to have anymore… boooo He say’s he’s had twenty something of them and just can’t do it again.  another booo.

I’m nervous as it is not handicap friendly. There are major stairs to do. I will have to be out of the wheelchair and put weight on my legs. The pain is terrible for those couple of mins. I guess I’ll put my big girl panties on and do it! Just praying I sell a lot as we are beeeeroke.  LOL  Crossing fingers and toes, 

I put my favorite painting up for sale. I don’t really want to sell her so you know what? I priced her way high so no one would buy her, watch just watch!!! My freakin luck she will be the only painting that sells!!! LOL