Shop till you Drop

Yikes! Christmas is just around the corner and I have bought only one present!! I better get on the ball for sure! I order mostly online because shopping at the stores in my wheelchair sucks! I get stuck in the aisles. Like one time I was shopping at Walmart and I went into the women’s department and got hooked on one of the floor displays and almost brought it down with me on it!  and the other time I’m shopping in the mens department and all of a sudden the clothes closed in on me!! No no no, I do not like shopping in the wheelchair.. One time I was at this store and the aisles weren’t big enough. I turned the corner and just about fell out! I was so mad I called the authorities (can’t remember the name duh) and that store got into a lot of trouble for sure!! They had to settle with me for a small amount for the embarrassment I went through. I am very aware of the stores that are not handicapped friendly. Any ole way I hope everyone is having a good time this holiday season, Shop till you drop! I will just sitting at home, scrolling the pages, sipping hot cocoas and filling up a cart. clever