It’s the Holiday Season! woohoo!

Well it’s here again! what you ask? well it’s the Holiday Season! Thanksgiving was so nice. We went over to an Old Friends house. Not that she is old, lol but we have known each other for a long long time. LOL ¬†We had a nice dinner, I didn’t get drunk on the three glasses of wine I had like last year.. well I got a little tipsy! lol… and now tis the season. We have the tree up already and it looks great with a lot of the ornaments I had created.. Going to make some more with my aide this coming Wednesday.


I have been commissioned to make some whimsy Christmas paintings and some more landscapes.. wooohooo!!

 Everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season

One Week to Thanksgiving!

Where did this year go to? it was just Easter. wasn’t it?

I have been painting almost every day getting ready for the April show.. My style has changed a lot over this past year and I want a good representation of it.. I’m primarily painting with oils now. Even with my whimsy gals. I totally love them. I remember a few years ago my first time using them. I was at my girlfriend Cindi’s house and we used these oils called “Genesis” oils. I fell in love with oils that evening. With Genesis oils you heat set them and they dry right then. You can even put your canvas in the oven and they will dry. I don’t use them much today though as I’m out of a few colors and I seem when I go to the store I buy regular oils… duh and duh again! LOL

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I will be painting my whimsical Christmas paintings as usual.. Orders will be taken soon.. I sold out of my Halloween paintings that’s why I didn’t put them on the site.. yaay!!