Welcome to my Website. I’m Robyn Ann Weinrib hence RAW Art Creations and I’m a recovering Artist.. Nah I am an Artist but not recovering yet!  I’m still so very passionate about art work what ever it may be. My medium of choice is Oils. I love to work with them sooo very much. Then it’s Acrylics and Watercolors. I came to art a little late in life.

I was in a bad Motorcycle  accident where I came to be in a wheelchair and the doctor said I would be lucky if I walked again. Well at least I was still alive!!

I used to dance Professionally and then of coarse after the accident I couldn’t dance any longer. I had to quit that and my day job. I didn’t know how to stay at home and not work. I went into a terrible depression that lasted a very long time. I just had to have a creative outlet. I felt very lost. In time I found Art. It took me out of my depression eventually and I studied and took classes and became very passionate about Art. I wish now that way back in High School I would have paid more attention to Art in School or when I was in College I should have picked up some courses. but nooooo I had to start from the beginning and and learn so very much.. Do I miss Dance, yes very much so but when I feel me slipping into that slippery slope of depression I go to my art and create something. Since I’m handicapped now most of my time is given to Art. I think Art is such a wonderful Therapy for the mind. It heals for sure.. Art is so soft and fluffy to me. Oh there are many challenges but it’s the Journey.. Most of my work is of Women. I love to create Beautiful Women. I am learning every day and applying my new found knowledge. I love love to take workshops and classes by some of the most talented people all over the world. I also love to paint Landscapes and Still lives and and and! lol

Have a look at some of my work.  Click on “Shop” or the Individual product categories if you would like to purchase any.. I will have Giclee Prints soon ..

I do Ship Internationally.. Contact me for more information..


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